Lower Eye Lid Defect Repair Following an Ocular Gunshot Injury: A Case Study and Review of Literature

  • AB Silas Department of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicine, Kaduna State University, Kaduna
  • UJ Akang Department of Oculoplastic Surgery, National Eye Centre, Kaduna
Keywords: Defect, Gunshot, Lid, Ocular, Trauma, Repair


The eye, which constitutes a small portion of the human body, is the third most exposed part.It is liable to injury including gunshots. The management of gunshot injuries to the eye ball and associated lower lid defect needs to be addressed with much care because of its potential visual loss and psychosocial problems. Treatment is multidisciplinary. Surgery is multi staged and tasking to both surgeon and patient. The case presented is that of a 45-year female trader with gunshot missile that caused blunt trauma to the left eye and lower lid defect with exposure of the inferomedial aspect of the left eye and fracture of the nasal bones on both sides of the nasal bridge. She was stabilized with antibiotics and analgesics, had maxillofacial consultation and managed conservatively for the blunt ocular trauma. Psychosocial issues were found and addressed by psychologists. Different forms of surgical approaches have been described in the literature, but we mobilized the superior tarso-conjunctival plate to close the defect in two stages because it is the most appropriate approach that ensures good cosmetic outcome


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