Editorial Preface

The third issue of Journal of Research in Basic and Clinical Sciences (JRBCS) goes with the title: “Antithrombin Levels in Adults with Ischaemic Stroke” in which the authors sought to determine the role of antithrombin deficiency in development of ischaemic stroke. This study could not have come at a better time than now where the incidence of cerebrovascular accident is on the increase in the country with dear need for a cure. The authors found out that in the population studied Antithrombin deficiency played very little role in commencement of ischaemic stroke paving way for research into other risk factors as the search for its prevention continues. 

We have many more interesting articles here for your reading delight, enjoy them as we await the release of the 4th issue for the year 2019.

Professor Godwin T Jombo
Editor-in-Chief, JRBCS

Published: 2019-12-06

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